My story here

Nick J. Santore is an LA-based filmmaker and designer. His upbringing inspired a successful run producing coming-of-age films; most notably the short documentary NICK SANTORE, which examines his own father-son relationship. While in Chicago, he co-founded the production company Strange Loop, where he spearheaded branded films and content for Nike, Jordan, Uber, Wrangler, Clif Bar, and Intel.

Upon his move to LA, he formed COY COYOTE (a motion picture co-op dedicated to exploring the space between humanity, heritage, and spirituality) and produced MY DUDUŚ, a short documentary about a lonely mother raising a squirrel. The film premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, landed on the The New York Times and PBS, was recognized as one of the Best Short Documentaries of the year by the Hollywood Reporter, and received the Best Documentary and Audience Choice awards on Short of the Week. 

Nick is currently developing a feature length psychological drama alongside writer/director Alexandra Leopold and is in post-production on his directorial debut short documentary.

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