Short Documentary | Producer 

 Director: Tom Krawczyk   Story/Editor: Colin Santangelo 

 A Polish mother grieves when her only child leaves their home in the suburbs of Chicago to study in Poland. While her son is away, she finds a baby squirrel in her backyard and forges a unique and powerful bond with the animal, raising him as if he were her own child.

 SXSW, Calgary International (Honorable Mention), Atlanta DocuFest (Best Director), Big Sky (Best Mini-Doc Nom), Chicago Critics (Audience Award), Salute Your Shorts (Audience Award), San Franciso International, Santa Barbara International, Seattle International, Palm Springs ShortFest, Hamptons International, DocsMX, Nashville, Martha’s Vineyard, Sidewalk, Indie Street, Still Voices, Snake Alley, Tallgrass, Freashcoast, Drunken, Polish Film Fest LA, FIPADoc, Sedona International, New York International Children’s Festival, Milwaukee 

  The New York Times, Op-Docs / POVDocs on PBS, Season 5 /

Short of the Week (2024 Best Documentary) / Aeon Magazine  


 Short Documentary | Subject + Story + Producer 

 Director: Jake Zalutsky  Editor: Jordan Bracewell 

A son (Nick Santore, 26) visits his father (Nick Santore, 53) over a short weekend and reflects upon their relationship and his own identity.

 Chicago International Film Festival +  Vimeo Staff Pick + NoBudge  


 Short Film | Production Designer + Producer 

 Director: Brad Bischoff 

Twenty-four year old Brad commemorates what seems to be his last night in the suburbs alongside his older brother Tyler, who is on the brink of turning thirty and still living at home. As the hours dwindle until dawn, Brad struggles to confront the realization that all things must change.

 Chicago International Film Festival + Vimeo Staff Pick + No Budge (Best Drama) 


 Short Documentary | Executive Producer 

 Director: David Huzieran 

 A reflective and meditative look at Malcolm London: a poet, activist and musical artist from Chicago, IL. 

 Telly Award (Best Documentary) 


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